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No Kid Hungry

We want to wipe out hunger in our community by starting with one meal at a time. Help us fill the cabinets to overflowing.

Donations of the following items are currently needed:
Boxes/Bags of cereal* (Dollar Store box size is perfect)
– Cans of ravioli or Spaghetti O’s
– Tuna
– Fruit Snacks*
– Cans of fruit / veggies
– Apple Sauce Cups*

– Pudding Cups
– Microwave Popcorn*
– Granola Bars*
– Rice Krispy Treats*(individually packaged)
   *currently most needed

Two ways to be involved:
1.  Provide donations of the items needed.
2.  Join the team that fills the backpacks and delivers them to the schools.
Contact April Brown if you are interested  –  509-961-8839, aprilbrownlvt@gmail.com