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Osanidde (pronounced Oh-Sunny-Day) is an orphanage on Bussi island, in Lake Victoria, in Uganda Africa. In the native language of Luganda, Osanidde means you are worthy. This name captures our heart and vision for this wonderful orphanage that is providing hope and life for so many people in Uganda. 

In this part of the developing world it is far too common for children to lose one or both of their parents at a young age to AIDS or other illnesses. Often, a single parent or those left with the care of a child simply cannot meet the most basic needs of the child (in many cases they are unable to take care of themselves).  Children are left with no care, and very little to no hope of survival. When survival is a daily effort, education, hope, and a dream for a future is not an option. The founders, Drake and Josephine Kanaabo saw a need in their local area and did something about it.

The project began in February 2006 with just 30 children and a vision to help make a difference by feeding, clothing, educating, and loving children in hopes for a brighter, better Uganda. Today Osanidde has over 160 children who are well cared for and have hope for a bright future.

What Osanidde is like today:

Osanidde has grown tremendously and we look forward to its continued growth! 

  • 16 houses for the children, each home has a caretaker loving referred to as a mama.
  • 4 wells
  • LifeStraws in each home for clean water
  • A hospital on the Osanidde grounds which help people from all over the area.
  • Primary School
  • Secondary school
  • As of 2018 Osanidde is now experiencing graduations and seeing their kids go on to trade school and universities!
  • A farm with animals and crops
  • Full time directors and an administrator who love the children and believe in the vision!

Osanidde is making a tremendous difference! They are truly giving life and hope to children in Uganda!

What Does Your Donation Fund:
 Homes, education, food, medical care, clothes, school uniforms, counseling, salaries of moms, teachers, nurse, and other staff caring for the children, and everything else they need to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

What We Do:
West Valley Foursquare church is the major sponsor for Osanidde and their needs. Through individual, monthly sponsoring of children, and donations, we are able to provide an operational budget to help Osanidde keep making a difference.

West Valley Foursquare Church also sends two teams per year to Osanidde. The January team primarily helps to lead and teach the Fire in the Islands Pastors and Church Leaders Conference, teach workshops, speak at churches on the surrounding islands, hold crusades, and help where needed at Osanidde.

The July team organizes activities and classes for the children along with helping any needs Osanidde may have.
We are always looking to add viable teams which can serve needs at Osanidde.

We always try to send each team over with a large financial gift to take to Osanidde to refill the food storehouse. We also send over items they need with the teams. We receive a special offerings every year for these gifts.

What Can You Do:
Sponsor a child
Go! Join one of the teams and go to Osanidde.

Information about sponsoring an orphan:
–      $30 minimum ($50 is needed) a month, due to WVFC by the 10th of each month
–      Online giving is available and can be automatic
–      Sponsorship is a long-term commitment

Can I write to my sponsored child(ren)?
  YES – and send photos! Contact WVFC for the proper address information.  To use our online form to send a letter through email – CLICK HERE

Can I send them a gift?
  Sorry, but we ask that you do not. We don’t want the other kids to feel left out, since they won’t be getting a gift as well.

Do I have to donate monthly or can I do a once a year donation?
  Either option is fine.  If you use our online payment system we request that you use the “electronic check” method as the fees are less for this option.
Here is the link to our online giving:  PUSHPAY

How long are the children in the program?
 Until they are self sustaining; which means they can get a job and take care of themselves.

What happens when I can no longer support my child?
 We understand things can be out of our control and you may have to discontinue sponsoring your child, so we will find another  sponsor for them.

Make a donation to Osanidde:  PUSHPAY

Sponsor today!  Contact Us: Stephanie Rogers 509-972-3303, or email at stephanie@wvfc.church

Would you like to be a part of our Missions Team?  Here is our application:
WVFC Missions Team Application-Uganda

Thank you to the following sponsors who helped make our 5K for a cause happen last year!

For more information on the OSunnyDay 5K Click Here