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Osanidde is an African word (in the Luganda language) which is common in many beloved Ugandan worship songs. The word means “You are Worthy!” and it sounds just like “Oh Sunny Day!” This word sums up our heart and vision for this unique Ugandan orphanage. Osanidde Village is a home full of transformed children on the shores of Bussi Island in Lake Victoria that began in February 2006 with just 30 children who were brought from the surrounding villages and islands of Lake Victoria.  The property is currently has 165 energetic children who love Jesus with all their hearts!

Information about sponsoring an orphan:

–      $30 minimum ($50 is needed) a month, due to WVFC by the 10th of each month

–      Online giving is available and can be automatic

–      Sponsorship is a long-term commitment

What does this fund?
 Homes, education, food, medical care, clothes, school uniforms, counseling, salaries of moms, teachers, nurse, and other staff caring for the children, and everything else they need to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

How much of my money goes to my child?
  100%! We do not take out any administrative costs.

Can I write to them?
  YES – and send photos! Contact WVFC for the proper address information.  To use our online form to send a letter through email – CLICK HERE

Can I send them a gift?
  Sorry, but we ask that you do not. We don’t want the other kids to feel left out, since they won’t be getting a gift as well.

Do I have to pay monthly or can I do a once a year donation?
  Either one is fine.

How long are the children in the program?
 Until they are self sustaining; which means they can get a job and take care of themselves.

What happens when I can no longer support my child?
 We understand things can be out of our control and you may have to discontinue sponsoring your child, so we will find another  sponsor for them.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan please contact Stephanie in the church office at 509-972-3303, or email her at

Your sponsored Osanidde child will be blessed with your ongoing support through health
programs, education, food, etc…

Sponsor today!  Contact Us: Stephanie Rogers 509-972-3303, or email at

Would you like to be a part of our Missions Team?  Here is our application:
WVFC Missions Team Application-Uganda