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Osanidde Correspondence

Please fill out the form below or email your letter to Stephanie at WVFC and it will be forwarded onto Osanidde for you.  Thank you for keeping in touch with your child! If you’d like to send a picture with your letter please email the photo separately to stephanie@wvfc.church.   You may also drop off a handwritten letter or card that can be scanned and sent.  The children love to receive hand written letters.

Please refer to the Dos and Don’ts letter writing tips listed on this page or the sheet you received when you signed up to sponsor to help you learn how best to correspond with your child.

Receiving a return letter from your sponsored child typically takes several weeks.

(For the protection of the children, sponsors, and our staff, we do read letters that are exchanged between sponsors and their sponsored children. The letters are reviewed to ensure people do not threaten children, put their lives in danger, or try to develop inappropriate relationships.)


  • Write in clear block print. Make it easy to read.
  • Encourage them with scripture verses and spur them on in pursuing education.
  • Share about your love and prayers for them.
  • Tell them about you and your life.
  • Ask them questions about their life, friends, and what they want to become.
  • Send them a family picture or a drawing from your children. Kids love to see you and your world.


  • Don’t write in cursive.
  • Don’t give them your personal info–address, phone number, Facebook, or email.
  • Don’t say ‘I hope to meet you one day.’ Children will read this more as a promise than a possibility.
  • Don’t mention them being an orphan or dwell on what they have suffered.
  • Don’t comment about money or your financial support.
  • Don’t send gifts–books, sticker sheets, bracelets, etc..

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